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Save lives – Stop bleeding!

Globally more deaths are accounted to accidents (5.8 million) than to diseases (like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV)1. One of the most common reasons to accident related deaths is “bleeding to death”. This is avoidable. Large wounds can lead to fatal bleeding within seconds. A simple treatment of major wounds can save lives.

of avoidable deaths in emergency-rescue occur because of bleedings.2

# 1
Severe bleeding induced by traumatic injuries is the most avoidable cause of death outside hospitals.

365 days
Severe injuries happen every day.

A simple aid that can be applied by everybody saves lives within the first crucial minutes of the injury.

HARTMANN Trauma-Box® - Everyone can be a life-saver

TRAUMA-BOX® is a first-aid kit to immediately stop bleeding until medical assistance arrives. It was developed in co-operation with the German foundation for trauma and IVF HARTMANN AG. No matter if you are a medical specialist or unskilled – everybody can save lives in in an emergency. Thanks to the enclosed instructions Trauma-Box® can be applied by everybody. Effective first aid is at your hands.

Trauma-Box® Bag

It contains a tourniquet, a pressure bandage and examination gloves. The simple instruction enables everybody to give care immediately. The Trauma-Box bag can carried anywhere or be placed in a dispenser.



Practice-proven tourniquet to stop strongly bleeding wounds or detached extremities.

Pressure bandage

To stop strongly bleeding wounds the bandage is equipped with an absorbent wound dressing and a pressure applicator. It is especially designed for armies and emergency management staff.

Examination gloves

to protect helpers and victims.

Trauma-Box® dispenser

It is a highly-visible storage and should be placed where crowds occur and be accessible to everyone. In case of emergency employees, customers or the general public can provide aid immediately. The dispenser is weatherproof and protected against vandalism, well visible and easy to open.

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You find all relevant information about the HARTMANN TRAUMA-BOX® in our brochure. 

Our Partner

HARTMANN TRAUMA-BOX ® was developed in co-operation with the German foundation for trauma (information only available in German).

1 Deutsche Traumastiftung Broschüre www.deutsche-traumastiftung.de
2 Kleber C, Giesecke MT, Buschmann CT et al. Trauma-related preventable deaths in Berlin 2010:  need to change prehospital management strategies and trauma management education.  World J Surg 2013; 37: 1154–1161